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Features of Liquid Filling Machine
Features of Liquid Filling Machine

Features of Liquid Filling Machine

The liquid filling machine is composed of a bottle washing, filling and capping machine, which integrates the functions of bottle washing, filling and capping. It is a high-efficiency liquid filling and packaging equipment.
The liquid filling machine is suitable for the packaging of aerated beverages, and can also be used for the canning and packaging of liquids such as aerated juice and mineral water.
Liquid filling machine Guangxuan automatic filling machine is suitable for plastic bottles that meet the QB1868-93 "polyester (PET) soft drink bottle" standard, and the use of bottle caps is in line with QB/T2372-98 "Technical conditions for plastic anti -theft caps" Standard round plastic anti-theft cover.

The liquid filling machine has the following main features:
A) The filling cylinder, filling valve and other parts that are in direct contact with the material are made of high-quality stainless steel or non-toxic materials, which meet the food hygiene requirements.
B) The seal is made of heat-resistant rubber, which meets the user's high-temperature sterilization process requirements.
C) The programmable controller is used to realize the automatic control of the whole process from the bottle entering the machine to the packaging.
D) The frequency conversion speed control is adopted, which makes it easy for users to adjust the equipment and meets the requirements of production efficiency of different processes.
E) The principle of equal pressure filling and the popular spring valve are adopted to ensure the quality of the beverage.
F) Adopt advanced magnetic clutch to adjust capping torque device to ensure capping quality.
G) Card bottle mouth conveying, only a few parts need to be replaced when changing bottle type and the machine is easy to adjust

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