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Automatic double side labeling machine
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It is suitable for single-sided and double-sided labeling of flat bottles, round bottles, and square bottles, such as shampoo flat bottles, lubricant flat bottles, hand sanitizer round bottles, etc. Double-side labeling, double-sided labeling improves production efficiency , Widely used in daily chemical, cosmetics, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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Automatic double side labeling machine


● Features

1.Powerful function, one machine can realize single-sided and double-sided labeling of 3 kinds of products (flat bottle, square bottle, special-shaped bottle);
2.The double-sided rigid plastic synchronous guide chain is adopted to automatically ensure the neutrality of the bottle, and the requirement for workers to put the bottle and the assembly line to connect the bottle is low, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the worker's work or the assembly line. It can be produced on a single machine or connected to an assembly line;
3.Equipped with an elastic pressure topping mechanism to ensure stable product delivery and effectively eliminate the inherent error of bottle height;
4.Equipped with an automatic bottle separation mechanism, the spacing is automatically separated before the bottle is guided to ensure the stability of the subsequent bottle guide, conveying and labeling;
5.Equipped with a double labeling mechanism to ensure labeling accuracy for the first time, and double-squeeze labeling to effectively eliminate air bubbles and ensure that the label head and tail are tightly attached;
6.Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, there are no objects without labeling, no label automatic correction E and automatic label detection functions to avoid wasting labels and missing labels;
7.The main material of the equipment is stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, which conforms to GMP production specifications. The overall structure is firm and beautiful.


● Scope of application

Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.
Applicable products: Products that require labels to be affixed to the side plane, large arc side surface, and circumferential surface. Application industry: widely used in cosmetics, daily chemical, electronics, medicine, hardware, plastics and other industries. Application examples: Shampoo flat bottle labeling, lubricant flat bottle labeling, shampoo round bottle labeling, etc.


● Work process

Core working principle: The sensor detects the product passing, and sends back a signal to the labeling control system. The control system controls the sending of the label at the appropriate position and attaches it to the product to be labeled. The product flows through the labeling device, and the label is attached to On the product, the attachment of a label is completed.

Operation process: release products (can be connected to the assembly line)--> product delivery--> product separation-> labeling (automatically realized by equipment)-> collect labeled products.


● Technical parameter

Operating direction Right/Left
Production(bottle/min) 30-160(subject to the size of objects and labels)
Conveyor speed(meter/min) ≤40
Labeling accuracy ±1.0mm
The application label adhesive sticker , transparent or opaque label
The inner diameter of label roll 76mm
The outer diameter of label roll 350mm(max)
The application size of label Width 15-140mm, length15-300mm
The application size of bottle can customized as label objects
Weight(kg) 300
Power(w) 1000W
Voltage AC 110V/220V 50/60HZ
Machine Size(mm) 2400(L) 1350(W) 1500(H)mm


● Product details


  ● Our company


  ● Our service

Pre-Sales Service
* View our factory.
* Inquiry and consulting support.
* Provide advice based on buyer funds budget.
* Offer whole production line support.
*Customized according to client’s requirements

After-Sales Service
* Training how to install and operate the machine.
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
* 1 year non-human damage warranty on spare parts.

  ● Project cases


  ● Our packing

To ensure our service quality, we will execute the following packaging standards in delivery:
1.All the products before delivery should be tested by assemble and debugging engineer, wiped up and cleaned, then wrapped by stretch film to protect it from moist.
2.In addition, without standard tools, manual and other documents, and allow ex-factory confirmation sheet, the machine cannot leave factory All the products will be packed in wooden case. The exported products use plywood case to pack. The foot margin of equipment fixed tightly to make machine can experience loading and uploading, the upward mark will be posted on the wooden case

  ● Customer feedback


  ● FAQ

Q1: What is your company’s main products?
Filling Production line, Sealing machines, Capping Machines, Packing Machines, and Labeling Machines.

Q2: What is delivery date of your products?
Delivery date is 30 working days usually most of the machines.

Q3: What is payment term?
Deposit 30% in advance and 70% before shipment the machine.

Q4: Where are you located? Is it convenient to visit you?
We are located in Changzhou(near Shanghai), Traffic is very convenient.

Q5: How can you guarantee quality?
1.We have completed working system and procedures and we follow them very strictly.
2.The electrical pneumatic components are from the world famous companies, such as Germany's Siemens, Japanese Panasonic etc.
3.We will do strict test running after the machine is finished.
4.Our machines are certified by CE

Q6: Can you design the machine according to our requirements?
Yes. We not only can customize the machine according to your technical
drawing, but also can he new machine according to your requirements.

Q7: Can you offer overseas technical support?
Yes. We can send engineer to your company to set the machine and train your worker if needed.


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